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The Nikon N80 SLR Camera - A no frills, basic AF film SLR with no silly scene modes. Probably the best value buy when it comes to AF film cameras.
The other day I picked up this camera in like-new condition for $20. In every sense, this camera has all the modern features of my current digital SLRs. Full frame DSLRs still sell in the thousand dollar-plus range. This camera mounts all the latest Nikon F-mount AF lenses. In terms of price-to-value ratio, this camera is a steal. I’ve bought lens filters that cost more than this!
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I’ve always found burlesque performer Dita Von Teese quite picturesque. On any given day, she’s photo shoot ready. Los Angeles, California.
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I shot this awhile back when Kim Kardashian was Paris Hilton’s BFF accessory. When these two first started hanging out, we’d caption it something like, “Paris Hilton and attractive friend.” Who would know the Kardashians would be a global phenomenon (of mind numbing magnitude). 
On a side note working the Hollywood nights was quite surreal, though I neither have the stamina or insanity to do it anymore. I’ll leave that for another story.

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